• Watch what you put in your mouth before you go too far.
  • Amp up your food with flavor and without the calories.
  • Eat what you want, just eat less of it to see the difference.

What You’re Putting in Your Mouth

Think before You Eat


If you have not found yourself consuming an entire pint of ice cream without noticing, you’re not human. It doesn’t have to be ice cream. It can be a plate of fries, a bag of cookies, or a box of doughnuts. The truth of the matter is that we, through distraction or habit, eat things we should not. Our biggest offense is eating too much. It’s the same with many of the foods in your lives. It can even be healthy food, like carrots or apples. There is a things as too much of a good thing, even carrots. We’ll look at how to start choosing healthy foods and tactics to keep that cookie bag full for longer.

 Portion Control


If you just have to have the sour cream on your potato, go for it. You can have the additions you want without overloading. The key to reducing your calories, and still eating the foods you adore, is portion control. You don’t even have to resort to those sugary, grainy condiments we all are afraid of. Who are they kidding? Fat-free ranch dressing does not taste the same as the original flavor. Add some to your salad, but don’t make the lettuce swim and the tomatoes float. Butter your toast with a skiff of butter, but don’t cake it on. You can have those flavors you like, just keep a light hand. Moderation and portion control go hand-in-hand here.

Keep the Flavor


One of the biggest offenders is the addition of calories. We often cook with heavy sauces and creams because they have so much flavor. Choosing healthy foods, like chicken and asparagus, can also provide you with rich flavors. You just need to know how to do it. You don’t have to add all that butter and cream to the gravy to make it garnish your mashed potatoes perfectly. You don’t have to drown your pancakes in whipped topping and syrup every morning. We’ll show you how to eat healthy foods with great flavor, and not the “pretend” good flavor either. You don’t have to resort to pretending blended cauliflower tastes like potatoes. We all know they don’t. Your palate will have so much more now.

The Salad or the Burger


Most people will choose the salad over the burger because they assume it has fewer calories. Don’t be fooled. Depending on what’s on your salad, you may be eating almost twice as many calories with your choice. Yes, there is lettuce, and usually there are tomatoes and carrots, but what else? Often salads come with fried, breaded chicken, bacon, cheeses, thick dressing, fried croutons, and nuts. The breaded chicken itself can have more calories than the hamburger. The cheese contains large caloric amounts as well as the dressing. The portions alone of these main courses can be outrageous. Look into what you’re eating before you skip the burger. Not all salads were created equal and not all are truly healthy.

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